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Originally Posted by Dave W. View Post
Which begs the question; Would stock turbos pick up power with just a clipped turbine wheel when tuned for high boost?
The reason I ask is because there's a lot more exhaust going through the turbine wheel when the boost is cranked up. Maybe just removing a little exhaust restriction will free up some power on the same compressor? Test that first, then test a clipped turbine wheel with the funky bat wing compressor.
I'm fairly certain that's what the Helix turbos are(not the batmowheel part.) I have yet to see any dyno graphs showing results of the Helix turbos on any of the current tunes, despite my attempts to get in touch with Helix through email.

When it comes times for my turbos to be replaced i'd be interested in the Helix units as far as value goes. However, if they lose or just maintain the same power as the stocker then i'd like to know before dumping the extra dough.