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Do you have any suggestions on how to route the wire from the center console to the outside?
If all you want to do is get the cable out without having it come out the top, you can pull out the rubber black thing in the console and run the wire down the hole under it. It will come out next to the passenger seat or you can run it down the inside edge of the console.
The My Fi connects to the KNW via RCA, the Keg connects via the PIE, and then there is just one output cable terminating in the AUX IN? The KNW senses which device is active and will alternatively feed the signal. Do I have that right?
You are mostly right. The keg (pie) and the Myfi (RCA input device) would attach to the KNW Aux via their connections. The KNW Aux has a PIE out that plugs into the modulator.

The modulator has two choices, FM modulation or Aux output (I used the Aux). In other words, the modulator is the central location and has a PIE input, a display input, and the aux out. The KNW Aux senses the signal and feeds it to the modulator over the PIE depending on whether or not any sound is coming over the RCAs. Here is a picture. There is a PIE input that is not shown:

I do have a couple issues with feeding it an XM signal. My first problem is that the XM has to be off for the keg to play. I like having it on so I can switch over when I see something that catches my eye. Also, I got some hum over the front speakers with XM that I do not get with the mp3 player. I am going to buy a ground loop isolator that should fix this problem, but I doubt I will go back to the direct connection because of the need for it to be off. I guess I could pause it, but that really defeats the purpose.