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JB3 vs JB4

my 335xi are on jb3 (18ohms) + fbo+ meth since 2 years. All work fine. I run daily on map 8 and 94oct + meth and log are perfect. Car pull very strong. At dragstrip I run on map 13 + ms109 and perfect too. Never limp. I never upgrade to jb4 because I have a gauge that work only with jb3 (psi and intake temp) and I like this gauge. The only bad thing is sometime the car bog between shift (2-3 and 3-4) slip clutch (feeling)

for info on dynapack dyno on jb3 :

FBO + map 0 on 94oct = 301whp
FBO map 8 + 94oct + meth = 426whp
FBO map 13 + ms 109 + meth = 449 whp

with jb4 ???

I have jb4 (15 ohms) on the table but if I install this one I will lost my gauge... I have many questions:

1- I can run on map 7 on 94oct + meth for daily ? (because map 8 on jb3 are probably more strong than map 2 on jb4 (maybe?)

2- In term of pure performance (0-100 mph, 1/4 mile...) More perf on jb4 or will be the same ?

3- At dragstrip map 7 ( with by exemple max boost set at 19psi) will be more strong that map 13 on jb3 ?

Thanks for your help. I see the jb4 on my table and I have the tentation to install....

** sorry for my english...french canadian**
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