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I've had both plus the michelin super sports. My car has upgraded suspension with M3 bits and olhins suspension.
My take:
Michelin PS2 A/S - a bit noiser but awesome tire. Wet and dry grip plus cornering is a plus. The fronts wore perfect but the rears, (275/30/19) didnt. Seems to cup. Alignment and air pressure was not an issue.
Conti DWS. - Quiet and grippy but not as good on handling. (i'm hard street driver) Cornering feels a bit unstable due to softer sidewalls.
Michelin SS - Awesome traction and stability. Quiet enough compared to the others.

Up in vancouver, canada, i need multiple sets or a single All Season as the weather cools off faster.
I run the DWS for the coolers months, the Super Sports for summer (Basically June to September) and Michelin X-Ice for cold winter and snow.