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Do you mean the long rectangular base of the console? That just snaps out?
No, the black rubber inside the console (if you do not have the phone package). It is under the enclosed area where the aux input is at under the armrest. I took a hanger and pushed the wire through the small hole below that area. I will take a picture of it tomorrow if you do not understand my description.

There is a black triangle behind the shifter and it feels glued in, so I have never tried to pop it out. At one time, I just used the aux for XM, so I ran it down the side of the console from under the armrest and ran it under the bottom edge of the console and back behind the kuda mount. The only evidence that there was a wire was the place it hooked in behind the Myfi.

I have seen a post on here somewhere that describes how they mounted their ipod in the area behind the shifter. It may have had more info on how to get the rubber off of that location.

Is your modulator specific to the Kenwood unit, or do you think it's possible to have a similar setup with the Archos and Roady 2?
It is Kenwood specific. I have looked for A/B swtiches for two nonspecific miniplugs, but have been unsuccessful. That does not mean they do not exist, but I could not find one.