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Originally Posted by richpike View Post
I'm not sure if anyone else has brought this up, but at the crank, this is probably a 700HP car... with a 3L engine. That is a specific output of ~233HP/L - absolutely insane. For stock, force inducted cars, that absolutely blows them away:

GT-R: 139.5HP/L
TT RS: 145.2HP/L
Lancer Evo: 145.6HP/L
MP4-12C: 156.1HP/L
GT2 RS: 172.2HP/L

Yes, I realize those are stock, and don't require meth, etc, etc, but Shiv's 335i is still a stock engine short of the turbo. Pretty incredible.

Personally saw a GTR make 832 whp on a Mustang dyno. That would translate into 243HP/L using your conversion rates to bhp. And that's also on a completely stock block.

Which means that in terms of hp/l, the Vishnu 335i is barely behind what GTR's are maxing out at on a stock block (granted the GTR's are still twin turbo) but that says something about the N54.