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Update from today....

Ever since I got my car I have not been happy with the tint. The tint was on the car when I bought it and the previous owner did it wayyyy too dark. I believe it's 20%.

I've never never been pulled over because of it but it's just such a hassle and it is really annoying to constantly have to be rolling down my windows every time I drive past a cop.

So today I commenced operation fish bowl. It was a success. I'm sure ill miss my tint for sunlight and keeping my interior cool, etc. But I will be much more relaxed behind the wheel of my car.

To get the tint off I used a steamer and a razor blade. It took me a total of about 2 hours for my 2 side windows and the 2 small back windows. I was going to give the rear a shot but I was a little nervous about fucking up the defrost. I'm confident I could do it but Ill just leave it for now and have a professional do it if I can find someone up for the challenge.

This shows the front window minus the tint and the rear window still with the tint on it. Huge difference.

After shot.

I actually really like the look without the tint.

And the next thing is not completely finished yet but I'll throw up a teaser. Believe me when I say that I know not many people will like this but I do and that's all that matters

I plan to finish it sometime this week if I have time. Im going to do this on the door trim and the dash trim and something different more toned down/neutral on the shifter surround.