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Results of 6HP19Z Trans Fluid Change on e90 330i

I bought my 06 330i used with 53K miles so i don't really know what the trans was supposed to feel like, but with now 68K miles I was concerned with:

---The car always chomping at the bit at a light
---Rough 2-3 shifts (first gear change in Normal mode)
---Occasional high revs before accelerating
---Recent "Trans Warning Symbol" and driving home in limp mode

I bought the pan/filter on Amazon for $93 and 6 quarts of Mercon SP at OReilly's for $30, so total was about $125.

I used ramps under the front wheels and jack stands at the rear. Had to buy an N8 Torx socket to move the exhaust clamp out of the way. I have an air ratchet which is useful for the 24 pan bolts when lying on your back. I had started with a hot engine and measured the drained fluid---6.25 quarts. I just managed to get 6 fresh quarts back in even with jacking the car way up on the filler side.

After driving about 30 miles this is what I have found:

1. The 2-3 shift in Normal mode is MUCH smoother
2. The 1-2 shift in Sport mode is firm but "civilized"
3. The higher gear lockups seems firmer and better connected---less slipping.
4. The Sport mode downshifts are much better as well. It doesn't feel like it's trying to throw me thru the windshield when coming to a stop.
5. Full throttle gear changes in both modes seem solid and tight.

For the meager cost and 2 hours of effort, it was well worth it.