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Originally Posted by C ///M View Post
I asked that a while back and I think the answer was quite a bit, but I'll wait for Gavin to answer. I'm totally guessing here, so please no one take this idea to heart, but being the tuning took quite some time, i think it was hard enough as it is. I would imagine that remapping with 6 larger injectors would be even more difficult than using the 2 extra injectors to compensate for the system.

Although, I'm getting very interested in this kit, but if I do it, I'll probably run 6 larger injectors and ask Eurocharged to do some custom tuning. Of course I'd have to talk to Gavin about a discounted kit as I wouldn't use the piggy back or extra injectors and lines, etc...
Exactly, The car doesn't really like 6 larger injectors it actually works better with the little fuel rail we made for it and added 2, you can even see it in some of the shots I posted, next to the power steering res. This will also let us shoot Meth as well.

Tuning this has taken quite some time, and to be safe - I wont sell it without the proper tuning. Last thing I want to see is someones car with my hardware on it, that a different shop tuned and have it pop for some reason. No way. It's not worth the risk to let someone else mess with this and have damage done to a car from tuning MMW didn't supply.

Im sure some of you are thinking "Powerbox" when you hear Piggy Back, but that could not be farther from reality.

The unit we use stores tune files on it, and constantly adjusts signals as the car runs and demands for power raise and lower. It is able to manage 24 injectors, meth injection, No2 if you feel like getting crazy, timing, A/F, boost, error management, data storage - it's far beyond that of an ordinary piggy back. It's similar to running 2 ECU's (OEM + MMW), or a Dual Core Processor - They work in tandem to achieve the same goal.