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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I absolutely love my DH... Tossing traps, luring monsters with a few shots, and vaulting away for them to get destroyed by the traps (or stuck) is tons of fun. I have noticed if I get walled or something and I get beat on, I am pretty squishy, but obviously a ranged DPS class isn't supposed to take a beating like that. You have so many tools to get away, vanish, vault, evasive fire... I'm like level 20 now, so not very high, but enjoying it a lot.
110% agree. Starting my DH last night and never had so much fun in a Diablo game. She's only in Act 2, so I can only imagine how much better it will get once I get more tools to use. Right now CC trap + bolo/rapid fire gets the job done pretty well. She's very similar to a Wizard in terms of skills; howerver, rapid fire is able to crit, the Wizard's discinigrate is bugged atm and cannot..

Templar, whats your Game name/ID? I have several characters ranging from level 50 down to 5. I been playing a bunch with Ammonia (Tasty) and Augenbrauezug (Squibbles).
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