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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
The BMW programmer looks at the VO
Vehicle order which is stored in two of the modules then it runs some checks
to see if everything is there and working. If is sees something is missing it
requires you to fix it before it will attempt to reprogram anything.
The programming coding software offered here doesn't require that but the
dealers don't use it.
At least from reading that's the way I understand it.
You only have to install the orginal in the trunk if you don't want to have this problem and the other little errors generated by absent units.
The Most Bus is broken when a unit is missing.
Since the Radio is essentially the most bus server its
pretty key for everything on the Most Bus.
Thanks for all the help here. Should any audio place be able to install through the trunk? Also... I'm having a tough time finding an exact part number match on the oem radio... would a radio from a different model year suffice? Or will the computer recognize that?