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Originally Posted by Grant@DetailAddict View Post
Exactly so it has to be your software, since the MAN file you sent me had no FEHLERMELDUNG_CC lines deactivated.

This edited version (along with the one I sent before) had multiple more FEHLERMELDUNG_CC lines turned off and other cold and warm checks deactivated in addition to yours.

So if you are using my file and coding the FRM module and they are remaining unchanged, it is your coding setup.

I hope that all makes sense. I've never come across an LCI retrofit that hasn't worked either.
Thanks Grant.

Just to confirm how we are coding.
Load NCS expert.
Load FSW PSW MAN profile.
F1--> F3
Followed by selection of E89.
Select CAS from ECU menu.
Press back.
Select FRM ecu and read ECU.
When it is read, I can recode with you file, and write it to my car FRM.

As I said, after adding your files to my car, same file if coming out if I read FRM module.

If you say, it has to do with my coding setup, what can I do to try something different?

You are champion, but unfortunately I am stuck with this.

I think, I will try resetting the whole FRM with blank MAN file to see, what I generate from my car, and re-code it with your file again.

Thanks and really appreciate your input and will let you know if I get success.