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Originally Posted by e90pilot

Oh, you've taken Gavin's 328 on the track? Cool! I assume you've also put several thousand miles of street testing because that's what it takes to make a conclusion like that.

Ok seriously now, any statements regarding reliability are complete speculation. No one knows. The only people who can make an accurate guess about reliability are the ones who worked on this project. They know what's modified and they hopefully have done the proper research which I have confidence that they have.

Oh and BTW, Gavin, if you want someone to track test it I'll be at Laguna Seca on July 8th. lol
Anything coming from Gavin would be a conflict of interest. Based upon his professionalism if something broke I doubt he would post it up.

Let's see if anyone coughs up the dough for this pipe dream and we shall see how reliable it really is.
Sure I'm being speculative, but I'm sure the majority would agree with me. Prove me wrong, more power to ya