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Originally Posted by Chicks-Love-Bimmers View Post
I'm currently running Rev 2.5 right now and am trying to take my car to the drag strip next month to see how I do in the 1/4 mile. Would NLS/2-step improve my times by a lot or is it not worth it? I'm also worried whether or not NLS can be bad for the clutch?
Unless you have drag radials/slicks, a 2-step is pretty useless in terms of 1/4 performance. With it, you will built enough boost in neutral to light up any street tire uncontrollably.

FWIW, with our single turbo car (which runs hoosier slicks), I use 2-step to build nearly 10psi of boost with a 5500rpm 2-step. With all that boost and tons of mechanical grip, the car pulls a peak of 1.3G during the launch.

If you are running street tires, 2-step is mainly a cool sounding feature. More useful is the NLS feature which allows you to shift quickly, with little loss of boost between gears and with much less transmission stress. That is definitely worth it.