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Originally Posted by akotten View Post
Oddly enough, one of the first things I inspected after the incident was the WW cap. It appeared to be OK as I opened it and then closed it again. Also, all of the fire appeared to have occurred on the drivers side. If meth splashed out of the WW fill neck, I think there would have been damage near it, which there clearly was not. All of the damage is on the driver side, starting just after the valve cover. I just looked through my phone and I really didn't take any pictures other than the car on the trailer. I'll try to call you tomorrow sometime, Shiv.

Unfortunately, I probably won't see my car again until it's fixed. There are some really good shops around Denver so I just can't justify the cost of having it towed home.

Spool Twice: I won't disclose where I'm going to fix this or where I'm originally from until insurance takes care of things. RC is just the location for school.
Where is the meth pump located and how are the meth lines routed?