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Originally Posted by themyst View Post
Yeah, let us know. The tranny won't crap out overnight, but it's on borrowed time for sure, you especially since you're pushing close to 450 lb/ft torque at redline. Level 10 is like an hour drive for me, but as you said, I'm iffy with them as well.
Just don't go crazy with boost in the mid-range and you should be ok. You could create a linear boost profile - the Procede allows for full control of boost at every RPM.

Think of a ESS 6XX supercharged M3 powerband. RWTQ is limited to 350 lb ft but it will do a mid-6 second 60-130 all day long. The N54 powerband limits redline to ~ 7,000 so RWTQ would need to be over 400 to get you the same power numbers as with the M3's.

This isn't ideal, but will certainly provide longevity to the transmission. I run such a profile, but it's mainly for attaining better off-the-line traction results.
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