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Sorry for your loss OP.

We all know meth is dangerous and we all assume the risk of running meth. How many WW fires will it take before we all realize the common factor?

Most of you know me from my past posts, but if you donítÖ I also had a meth fire last year. Chris from HPF was in the car with me when this happened. We just installed a new set of DPs and took the car out for a video shoot of the proto type HPF 3Ē exhaust which I might add is one really bitchín exhaust system. Anyway, within 1 mile of hard driving at WOT, the car started smoking from a meth fire that caught the foam under the valve cover on fire. When we got the car back to his shop, we found the under pan was covered in meth. I was lucky and was able to put the fire out before it caused any real damage.

When something like this happens we all want to know why, but I think we all keep asking the wrong questions and overlooking the obvious. The WW tank was not designed for high % meth. It doesnít contain safety foam to prevent sloshing. The vent does not have a hose that allows for safe discharge of excess meth or pressure buildup within the tank. The vent will allow meth to discharge as pressure in the tank increases quickly as the meth reaches its boiling point. The cap cannot be secured and could allow meth to escape as pressure in the tank builds up. Most DPís are not coated and reach temperatures high enough to cause auto ignition if meth comes into contact with the pipes. Depending on how much meth is on the sub pan when the fire starts will ultimately depend on how much damage is caused.

We all know the risk of running Meth, and safety should be our #1 concern. Iím not saying itís the fault of the vendors who sold the WW solutions, but I will say they need to step up and acknowledge the WW tank solution is not suitable for racing conditions and offer an upgraded solution that is safe. They should also stop promoting the sale of WW Meth solutions.

I know some of you have been running WW solutions for a long time without issue, but like I said before, itís only a matter of time. Your odds of having a WW related meth fire are better than winning the lottery. So are you going to wait for your number before you upgrade to trunk mounted tank?