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I wish I was more attached to mine than I am. I like the way it drives, and the sound system is the best I've ever had. But there is just something about the car that keeps me from really getting attached to it.

I've been a Volvo guy since 1985 (actually a Volvo family) and I really wanted an S60 R, but they just weren't the car that the 850 Turbo was. So my daughther talked us into going with with a BMW and we wanted AWD so I got the 330xi.

I find that when I drive the BMW day in and day out I miss driving my Volvo. Switching from car to car is what I really don't like about the BMW. It's controls are just so diffferent than other cars and they are hard to get used to. Especially the climate control and the radio buttons. Who the hell ever decided to put twelve identical buttons across the front of the radio and the first six are for preset stations? And the next two are to switch from AM to FM and they feel the exact same as the preset stations. I don't even know what the other button are for, but they look the same as the other eight. Sounds fantatic though.

The driving is great, best feel driving since I had a 911 Porsche. The responsiveness is plenty for me as I get older, but I wouldn't mind trying the 335 just to see the difference. I also find the bolsters on the seat to be a little tight and I wish they could be adjusted to not squeeze me so much, but this is something I get used to when I drive it every day.
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