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Originally Posted by jfisher160 View Post
First after knowing Gavin as long as i have he is not going to sell a product that is not reliable. Second if you have been following his SC thread from the beginning of Day one, its taken along time to just get to this point. It would be dumb business move for him not make sure it reliable and if something went wrong it would be all over this forum and everyone would question his SC.

But this is also depending on what issues comes up. It's is a piece of machine and shit happens. But I wouldn't be surprised if he had a warranty on his product. I think before you start talking shit about reliable and the pipe dream. Which the pipe dream is working and running in his car. I think you should shut up and wait and see how the product turns out and what he offers to people.

Also for not owning a 328i you should stay in the 335i forum were you belong. Since you don't drive a 328i I think your option really doesn't matter.

Just my 2 cents to the 335i trollers.
He has just as much right to speculate on it being not reliable as you do to speculate on it being reliable

Lets be fair about this... there is a lot of history that does create doubt, so lets hear out those expressing concern and not run them out of town
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