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Originally Posted by Business edition View Post
It's from a police man. He took loads number plates down. That's what I found out. This dude was telling me 7 of his mates even got it and he wasn't even on that road where the racing happens and I didn't even go pass the road where racing happen. Because I remember loads cars drive pass him on a other road he was just park on this main road on the side and he wasn't hard to spot as he had his blues on and park on the side
Hey fella, sorry to hear about your predicament. Maybe its just a case of wrong place, wrong time. Still though it seems silly because the other people there who were racing, did they not see the police there?!

Is it a private road or someting? Do you have any pics of the place?

And do you have your wheels now? Still waiting to see the jap and euro fusion.

All the best