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Originally Posted by FCobra94 View Post
The issues I was initially having were related to high road force numbers given that the tires were out of round. I went through 7 tires before finding a set of four that were (barely) acceptable in terms of vibration compliance. I'm almost sure that 'hop' you were feeling was because the tire was either out of round, not force matched to your rim, or both because I was experiencing the same thing.

Even still, the tires are really inconsistent and they flat spot like crazy!!! After all the drama I went through with these things I'm only marginally happy with them, at best.
Damnn man, I feel your pain. Tires can really be a bitch and torture, especially because they're detrimental to the ride quality and performance of the car.

What do you mean by 'they were out of round'? The guy at the garage this morning mounted and balanced my new tire but said he couldn't balance it properly because it was too heavy?? He then said if I had any vibration I should come back. After driving on the new tires for 10 mins, the vibration was 10 times worse than it was earlier... FML
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