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Originally Posted by GreekboyD View Post
Serious question. What's the point/need for getting one of these?
Originally Posted by Flying_Dutchman13 View Post
To secure yourself in the event of insurance fraud. Also to catch people in case of a hit and run.

Also if you have an accident, there is no "he said, she said" there is just video evidence.

Blackboxmycar's response:

This video was not recorded by Finevu/Blackvue.

For this accident, although there were many cars at the scene, no one came up to say they witnessed the accident. With this video, ICBC (BC's insurance company) was able to settle the claim quickly.

This is ICBC's response:

Mf p480405 1

Hello Alex,

Thank you very much for sending me the video. It along with the driver statements is sufficient for our purposes. I very much appreciate your assistance in this regard. The video was very useful in allowing us to make a fair liability assessment. I wish more drivers had this equipment; I plan to do some more inquiries about these cameras. I find it very interesting and I agree it would make sense for insurance companies to offer a discount to drives with such camera.

Thanks again,

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Originally Posted by johnniewalker View Post
I am interested, depending on how much of a discount we get.
Refer to first post. I posted the prices Blackboxmycar offered.

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I'm interested too. No offend but it seems like buying from ebay is cheaper.
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I think it is, but I dont feel at ease about purchasing one without a warranty. Or possibly getting a fake (reproduction)
This. Also, it's actually cheaper if you consider that brokerage fee and custom duties are all waived. Just look at the prices for 20+ people!

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