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Originally Posted by Lucky1 View Post
Couple of questions:

For N52 owners is this more reliable (or at least as reliable) as just taking the money and trading for a 135i/335i? How long can you run it on the street or track before heat issues?

Are the headers required? What do you lose if you don't have them?

Lastly how much weight does the full kit add and what does it do to the front/rear weight balance?

Any change to the minimum AKI/octane gasoline that must be used?
That's a tough question to answer really, because the N52 N/A is very reliable, as a lot of us know there are guys close to 200,000 miles with repair bills that are nothing to scream about. Also the 335's have had some problems as we all know, take a trip to the 335 section and there are plenty of things that happen to them, but most of those guys are tuned and things naturally go wrong when you push the limits - in any car.

You guys all know this car is my Daily Driver (when its running obviously) and I dont want to lose that aspect of the car at all. Once the final variation of the kit is done coming up in the next week - I still wont even offer it for sale until I get to do more testing on it. As it is right now, I have ~2500 miles in it with the 90% kit, and the only issue I have is on cold starts - the idle fluctuates for 15 seconds and then it is fine - but keep in mind im still testing and its not the 100% version yet.

The blower we use is a Vortech V3, it's self contained and has it own lubrication, which means that it doesn't share hot oil with the cars engine, it keeps a lot of its heat to itself. It's 93f out here today and i was sitting in traffic on the 405 freeway idling without issue, heat never went outside of regular temps, and the engine fan keeps everything working fine. At the stage 2 kit, we will add meth injection and are looking in to air to water cooling at the manifold. so when the time comes to push it, it will be well within a safe temperature range still.

I don't have an exact weight difference at the moment, with the headers I would assume about 40-50lbs split evenly over the front end (half for S/C half for headers) but i will make a note to check into this accurately when i get the chance.

Octane, 91 at least. it will run fine on 91 all the time, it's a low boost kit and is meant to be daily driven and user friendly. I dont think finding race gas for your trip to Vons is user friendly. In stage 2, running 7.5psi it will still run on 91 just fine in the case your meth tank runs out, or you just dont want to run it. I like meth because it keeps temps way down, you can even use -30 windshield washer fluid as a perfect mix of meth, and its like running 100 octane all the time for $3.

Originally Posted by Rotorocious View Post
Not as reliable as a 335
depending on who's 335 it is, and or was previously to you.

Originally Posted by IB6UB9ok View Post
Hey Gavin,

Good work. What kind of numbers are we looking at for a 330i? Rwhp and tq
the 330 should be in the upper end of the 350 range all said and done, but I would have to test it out on one to know for sure - Haven't got to that point yet