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Originally Posted by aaronding View Post
I may order two. My friend is lazy and doesn't want to register. but I have a few questions.

Why do we need a good mic?
- You don't really "need" a good mic. I only said that because I'd like to hear the engine note when recording track driving or autox.

Which one has a physical mute button?
- CR300HD

All of the three don't have LCD, how do we know the camera is in the right position?
- Finevus can adjust up, down, left, and right so just set it at an approximate place and then adjust after connecting to computer and seeing the video. For DR400G, you can only adjust up and down so set it at a place temporarily and then adjust accordingly after connecting to computer and seeing the position. If you have an Android, you can connect the camera and see through the phone screen for DR400G.

Refer to answers above.

You can tell your friend to email or sign him up using your user ID

DR400G -

CR300HD - Power ON/OFF; Parking Mode; Mic ON/OFF; Emergency Recording; Picture taking
CR200HD - Emergency Recording; Picture taking
DR400G - Parking Mode