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Originally Posted by wonho View Post
In my opinion, I think you should sit as low as possible for two reasons:
1) lower center of gravity (okay it's not that much)
2) visibility

The latter might sound ironic, but I think being able to look at the corner of your hood and the patch of road surface right in front of it is useless, let alone hindering your focus. If you keep your seat low and cover up the immediate front of your car with the dash, it may help you focus your vision far ahead rather than right in front of your hood, hence helping to you draw your lines better.

Another recommendation:
Try tilting the bottom of your seat back as much as you're comfortable with, and extend out the hamstring support. This will help you keep your body in place while hard braking, as well as cornering at some places.
As per my think your information is right and i want to say that i always prefer to sit as much as comfortable and not sit straight. I never feel pain in my back but i want to know that it can injured my pain? It is safe or not?