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Originally Posted by DESI4life10
Dang, something is definitely not right.

Have you gone ahead and removed the error checks for all the bulbs (cold and warm checks as well)?
Just for testing purpose, they may be the way to go to see for sure.

Those 3 lines that are changed may be some kind of command being active via a function the user activated in there car (i.e like turning on drl lights through the cluster).

If your files that have the changes works then the file is being read and written properly. I suggest disabling all the checks to confirm for sure the wiring is correct. Might be a hardware problem if errors still come up.
Desi, Grant file has disabled cold, warm and error checks.
In theory, it should not give errors but practically it does.

Couple of things;
1- files are being written to frm and read with all changes except addition of three lines (I have no drl options on my car)
2- All bulbs are lit.
3- As soon as I revert back to pre-lic lights, no errors appear.

Now my conclusion is that it is either FRMA (aka frm1) or Led bars in lci lights.

Or may be bulbs?
I guess I should change all the bulbs to rule out.

One of my friend had done rear lci retro-fit and without coding, some of his errors are like mine.
I may code his car to see if that becomes error free after coding.