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Originally Posted by dangeris View Post
Honestly to me I think an SC on a N52 is going to be badass. I know to that to get the full potential of the SC certain mods like the headers and full exhaust will need to happen in tandem or else it would be a moot point. I drive a 328xi and going from 230hp to 325hp or more would be sweet.
Can't wait to see the final product!
I totally agree with you, this is gonna be sweet when it comes out. I do have to make a correction though, because people won't bother to look back through the thread or spend the time investigating this themselves.

Projecting 320-350whp all said and done with headers and final tuning.
from Gavin, however you quoted from 230 to 325. The 230 is at the crank, as when dynoed, depending on which dyno it's on, the stock 328 hits around 200whp, and it's spec'ed from the factory at 230bhp (brake horsepower, more or less crank horsepower). There is supposed to be about 10-15% HP loss when going from bhp to whp. For reference, the stock 335i comes from the factory with 300bhp (assuming same loss % as a 328 [14%], ~258whp stock), and the M3 comes with 400bhp (assuming the same loss % as a 328, 344whp; 2011 numbers, easiest average e90 of this generation to use I believe).

So the 320-350whp will convert to a higher bhp, so it'll be like a 335 with mods/tune/etc.

I'm even more excited now after doing the math!
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