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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post

The 2012 SVTPP Shelby was as fast as the BOSS in the only same day, same driver test that I know of (IL and the Shelby actually put in a better time). We all know where the BOSS sits in relation to a certain unnamed BMW....

And the '13 Shelby is shitloads faster than the '12.... I'm sure it'll be fine on a road course. Not only that, but it's reportedly more forgiving at/near the limit and has some heavy duty cooling added. It'll still soak, but it's going to murder some "twisties only" cars on road courses. You can bet on it.
I would still take a normally aspirated Boss Laguna Seca over this, if tracking was the main reason of buying. Like you said you will eventually deal with heat soak, especially on hot track days. Same reason I would take a Z06 with the Z07 package over a ZR1.