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Originally Posted by itsmeek View Post
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I expect nothing less from the M3 guys. You are all right, the new gt500 and all Mustangs suck.

Never mind thatthe basic 5.0 outdoes the e90/e92 M3 at tracks and straightline. The new GT500 can't be better than the M3 because it's a Ford. Geezus, first I hear that the M3 is better than my GT-R because it's Japanese, now it's better than the Ford because body roll on older models and interiors from 15 years ago.

N/A cars are yesterday's news, as are cars sans DCT's. At least this GT500 has some balls, be realistic here Fanboi's- this is the next of many cars that you will be running away from.
When you race both cars,on stock tires on the same day, the M3 is faster than the Boss 302 in straight line and around the track.

And vs the basic GT by Motor Trend.

And regarding straight line numbers,car and driver,Evo determined the M3 is faster than the Boss 302 in the 1/4 mile.

By the way, the Lexus LF-A is an amazing car,it sounds amazing,looks great and it's a japanese car. I guess if you dont like the GT-R,you're a hater.

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