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Originally Posted by ian2002525
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three dags ago, i play 0-400 with my firend.his car is cayman S 3.4.i changed the ar downpipe,eisenmann Exhaust,injen intake,jb4 stage 2.first time and second time ,i used map 2,335 losed 1.5body.after that,i tried map 7,335 always losed.
Yesterday,i called my friends that who have e92 M3,and e90 n54 335.their car change many mods,but also losed.if the e92 m3 used Ejection,he maybe can win a little.
怎麼可能&a mp;#22823;改的n54 335會輸給caymanS...& amp;#22823;改的n54 335少說也&#26377 ;350-400whp,caymanS原廠& amp;#38914;多290whp...
e92 m3也輸原廠 caymanS 這更誇張.. .原廠m3 400多匹馬&#21147 ;耶...
那台caymanS肯&#2 3450;不是原&#242 88;的!
So mean!!! Haha i can still kinda see what he's trying to say. He even apologized for his english too!
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