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I have a question along the lines of the original post. I'm fairly new the E90 and I'm working on building up my knowledge of the platform and new tools I'll need to do DIY on the platform. For me this includes real diag software (I used Peake on my E39 and it was fine) like BT or AE as well as a K+DCAN set up.

I have a 02/2007 build E90 and I believe I fit into the range of models which requires the OBDII adapter to suppress pin 8 on most K+DCAN cables.

With my build date, and assuming I get coding all working and figured out, I presume that I'll also be able to use INPA and DIS. With INPA and DIS at my disposal, does BavTech or Autoenginuity serve any purpose whatsoever or would it just be money wasted?

I want to:
- read and clear codes, including shadow codes, soft codes, and any other codes that don't necessarily illuminate the CEL
- perform maintenance tasks like battery registration, cycle ABS
- reset adaptations
- airbag/SRS code reads and resets
- I'm not sure if I'd use any real time data gathering or not, since I'm not tuning a turbo car etc...

I don't have a 335, I don't have a tune, I'm not likely to do a lot of retrofitting. I'm in Canada so all of these things will cost more out of pocket to obtain than in the USA, and I'll have to pay 13% Sales Tax on everything no matter where I buy it. I don't want to buy it, try it, then put it up for sale at a loss of ~$80-100.

Thanks for opinions