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Originally Posted by ChuckBMW3 View Post

All BMW xenon lights "shake" bc they adjust to uneven roads. Since no road is 100% flat or defect free, they appear to habitually shake/flicker. It's all part of the adaptable/adjustable system...perfectly normal.
With all due respect, I'm not sure that people who rush up to say "it's normal" are reading the entire post.

I don't have adaptive (i.e. steering) headlights which are known to shake more than non-adaptive. We all have self-leveling lights if we have xenons because it's required by law but I can assure you that it is not the leveling system that I'm seeing in action. I can see it at work too and it's not the same thing.

As I said, if I raise my hood and tap the top of the light housing I can HEAR the rattling and see that it's the entire DRL/Xenon/AE assembly rattling around inside the housing. When you thump it with your palm you hear the "brrrrrrrrr" of rattling continue for 1-1.5 seconds following the hit. Does "everyone's" lights do that?

If your lights rattle when you bump (not bang or smash) the housing with your palm then it's broken too in my opinion. When driving on anything but perfect roads I can see the left beam in particular bouncing and flickering around. It's not subtle, it's embarrassing and I'm sure in some conditions it's flickering right into driver's eyes. Other Xenon equipped BMWs (therefore also self-leveling) in the family haven't done this unless the adjusters were broken, which was common on the E39 and easy to diagnose.

Originally Posted by SERI335 View Post
Took mine to the dealer last week for the same problem and since then the shake is gone. Mine is adaptive though. This may be due to one of two reasons:

1. The dealer fixed it. The service receipt however doesn't show what was done in detail (e.g replaced headlight, support mechanisms), and I forgot to ask the SA what was done since it was the 3rd thing on the list of checks I made for them.

2. I changes my tires to non-RFT's last Saturday (day after dealer visit).
I already have non-RFTs. It would be interesting to know if your dealer did something and what it was. Do you have a sedan or coupe/convertible? The TSB is not for sedans from what I can tell.

I'd just complain at the dealer if I had any warranty coverage, of course. The DIYs for opening these headlights look really, really nasty, error prone, and like they'll never be the same once you get them open. I notice that I can see the screws which fasten the outer lens to some interior component. Too bad they didn't just make these things easier to take apart using a rubber gasket and bolts instead of hot glue.