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*AKmotorwerk* tri-state walnut blasting / valve cleaning group buy

N54 Walnut Shell Blasting - Valve & Intake Port Cleaning Group Buy!

Group buy will close at Midnight this Sunday, July 15th. Those of you who have not signed up or sent payment in yet, please do so before this weekend to get in on the group buy price. Price goes back up starting Monday, July 16!!

Thanks to all that made this group buy a huge success!!

We have exceeded the 9+ car mark already in under 24 hours of the group buy being open. The price per car is currently at $320. We will leave the group buy open for a while longer to give everyone the chance to join. At that point I will send out PM's to everyone requesting payment and we will start to schedule appointments.



Hey everyone in the tri-state and surrounding areas. We here at AKMotorwerk are proud to present the N54 Walnut Shell Valve cleaning service as a group buy. As most of you are aware by now, direct injection vehicles like the N54 engines, have this issue with carbon buildup on the valves and intake ports. It causes idle issues and takes away power that most of us here are trying to get more of... not less. Vehicles with 25-30k+ miles on them would benifit greatly by having this service done. BMW dealers are not performing this under maintenence or warranty. They are chargeing customers $700-$800!!

We want to help out the N54 community and perform this for you at a more reasonable and cost effective price. Obviously the more people in the group buy, the lower everyone's cost will be. The pricing is a follows:

1-4 cars = $420.

5-8 cars = $370.

9 + cars = $320.

We will let the group buy run for a few weeks. At that point we will close the group buy and have the final price per car. Payment will be required at that time and we will start to schedule customers to start coming in to have the work performed. If there is someone that needs the Walnut blasting valve cleaning done asap, they can opt to have it done and not be in the group buy. Our intro price is $475.

Let's get this Group Buy list going! We have done a few large group buys throughout the years (OSS headlights & Coding) with zero issues. So don't hesitate to sign up for this one too... your car will thank you and you can save over 50% what the dealer will try to charge you!
As always, if you have any questions, please email me or shoot PM me.
The original group buy thread was in the sponsor section here:

Here is the list so far:

1. chris98m3
2. Focus
3. FstAzzWhip
5. Moodist (PAID!)
6. Szemenyei
7. AcExSpades (PAID!)
8. dwall (PAID!)
9. joro2077 (PAID!)
10. sickem (PAID!)
11. saxon (PAID!)
12. Danny271
13. mave198 (PAID!)
14. Midnight Magic (PAID!)
15. BimmerGuyUK
16. New JerZ
17. nj335i (PAID!)
18. Tim Cuculic (PAID!)
19. nissan (PAID!)
20. bmwfanatic93
21. Arwidrh (PAID!)
22. hemi to e90
23. AW330 (PAID!)
24. Reketjr (PAID!)
25. minag3 (PAID!)
26. Max123 (PAID!)
27. koh0886 (PAID!)
28. Johndong888 (PAID!)
29. parksjm7 (PAID!)
30. pnutty
31. Jim (PAID!)
32. Peder (PAID!)
33. migue90 (PAID!)
34. capriguy84
35. 2000max
36. maximum96 (PAID!)
37. scarzie (PAID!)
38. Force[FED]
39. fmattei (PAID!)
40. nestle914 (PAID!)
41. 2mchbst
42. miggs_e92
43. Marvin (PAID!)
44. woptang22
45. TonyPolo (PAID!)
46. gdawg20001
47. gzim335
48. DriM3
49. mmbacon
50. phillyfan
52. mjollnir19
53. Aphilip21
54. 631e90325i
55. BlueBimmer (PAID!)

Here are a few pictures for those of you that do not know what this service does:



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