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Originally Posted by davidzf View Post
the whole headlights are all oem.

I have measure the AE output voltage ,the right side is "0",I try to reset the short circuit counter with tool32,but it is not working.


I think I should put back the halogen on,then go to the dealer...
I would suggest to check for short first. This could be preventing you from resetting the counter.... However I don't think that this is it. Please look at the thread from my email the other day, they talk about resetting the counter. But again, have your light disconnected or at least pin 1 to make sure that there is no short to ground so the FRM will not try to protect itself. If you find a short with ohmmeter, we will know exactly the cause of this problem. It must be either short to ground or just over current protection caused by 35w power consumption. You never unswered my question about coding off cold and warm checks for bulbs , did you do that?

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