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Originally Posted by cdruse View Post
... with a new car, sorry for the delayed reply. The problem wasn't able to be fixed and my state's lemon laws state they have 3 attempts to fix it and/or 30 days, and they exceeded both. So, I was able to get it switched out for another and I have had no problems with the new one, I love it.
Glad to hear you got everything sorted out. Right now my car is back at the dealership for the 3rd time. I was told the SES light is indicating a leak but they can't find it anywhere so they think it is faulty electronics. They are replacing all the electronics that could be involved in hopes of solving the problem. I've got a loaner until the end of the month.

When your SES light came on, did you notice a problem while driving, like loss of power or anything? I ask because I can't tell there is a problem with the car besides the light being on.

Did the dealership offer to give you a new car or did you have to request it? Did they give you a 2011 or 2012?