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Originally Posted by crzylildude View Post
The new updated dvds will just automatically shows you which road has a heavy traffic or congested area, it will annoyingly will re-route you to another route to try to get you to where you wanna go... And in regards to red lights and speed traps - try going to NAV - INFORMATION - ON LOCATION - CARS & TRAVEL - (then you can select which you want to show RED CAM & SPEED TRAPS or POLICE SPEED TRAPS) you can only select one on this to show... (i don't know why it can't show both at the same time)... it is how the info was programed... anyways you don't want too many icons on your MAP becoz it is to confusing... I hope I answer your question... try to explore your NAV or else it wont be fun for you... the more you play with it the more you will get familiar on what info is in it... good luck!
so it won't show speed traps and camera light icons at the same time? oh well I guess I'll set mine to show camera light icons only :P