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Hello Tchau,

would it be possible for you to shoot some photos of the rings with the DTEC H8 35W 4 LED in the following conditions:

- rings only (daytime running light)
- sunny day (mid day / afternoon)
- the car placed in direct sunlight (with the hood of the car pointing in direction to the sun)
- shot from a distance (50-100 feet) head on
- maybe some off-axis shots as well
- please include some of the environment in the photos so one can actually see the lighting conditions of the environment

I hope it's not too much to ask, but that would be really awesome and helpful!

I've been looking for some LED angel eyes for my E90 LCI for quite some time, but not even the brightness of the LUX H8 V3 was sufficient for me (too dim on a bright, sunny day). Maybe these are brighter? Do you know the LUX H8 V3 in person to make a comparison between these two?

Your help is appreciated a lot!

Greetings from Austria,

Originally Posted by Tchau View Post
Shipped the same day i placed order!!! Just got them today and installed tonight (20 min).
Sorry about bad pics, never take pictures and have a crap camera (point n shoot)
These are really bright white and crisp IRL. My pics don't do them justice..

Pic #1: DTEC H8 35W 4 LED angel eyes / OEM
Pic #2: Close up of DTEC H8 35W 4 LED angel eyes / OEM
Pic #3: Night w/glare
Pic #4: Day