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just another bmw douche bag

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went to the dyno today

But with my other car

Interesting to see how much more mod friendly some engines are compared to others. IMO, honda makes the best NA 4 cylinder engines in the world. Here's an example of a built integra motor in my civic. It makes nearly the same power with 2/3rds the displacement, in a car that weighs 1100+ lbs less

I'm not saying it's better than my BMW, as the two cars are very different. This car is purely a toy for track days and time trials. It's light, has tons of grip, and consumables are very cheap. The BMW is my daily driver and gives me lots of comfort while still retaining very good driving dynamics.

I've been driving the honda to/from work for the last couple of weeks breaking in the new motor, and believe me, I'm always happy to get back in the BMW for the daily commute. However, get out on the track, and there is no comparison when you have a car that is setup for doing just that. It's great to be able to choose between them, and not have to compromise.

Pics below. First dyno is the honda, and below that my E90 325i with 3-stage IM and AA tune.
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