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Originally Posted by EINSER M View Post
you got a back to back double world champ in VET and he currently leads the driver championship with ALO, i dont think that's all luck...
Dude, common. Read what I wrote before responding.

AT MONACO LAST YEAR which is the part of my statement that everyone seems to be omitting from their cursory glance at my argument for some reason.

Vettel would not have won had it not been for the red flag. He had either poor race strategy or he simply didnt conserve his tires well enough and his tires had fully cliffed with a few laps to go and Button, and I believe Alonso as well were catching him up exceptionally quickly, on the order of several seconds a lap, and both were well on their way to overtaking Vettel before race finish easily.

Had it not been for the rule where on red you can switch tires Vettel wouldve lost on the restart, because I know for a fact that Button was on relatively fresh tires.

Key words again, AT MONACO LAST YEAR.

I understand hes a double word champ, but he simply wouldnt have taken Monaco last year if it wasnt for the red flag late in the race, which was very lucky for the Red Bull team.

Sorry to bring out the caps lock and bold font, but seriously guys, read what I said before responding to something I didnt write.

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