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If look closely at a LCI vehicle or just about any other newer vehicle that has xenons the low beam, high beam, and flash to pass use the same projector. How is this done?

The LCI vehicles have a shutter built into the projector for the low beam. So the bulb intensity will not change, it is like pulling a shade up on a window to allow more light to pass thru. The xenon without the shutter would not give you the same high beam intensity right away. The shutter can actually be heard if you are right next to the lamp. The fast acting shutter is what makes this possible. The bulb is on at it brightest but the respective module reigns the brightness in with the use of the shutter (aka window shade)
So without having the shutter mechanism built into the lamp you are not going to get the same results. So even coding is not really a solution without replacing the lamp assembly for a LCI lamp assembly and then coding. Hope this sheds some light.