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Originally Posted by Dr.GumbyM.D. View Post
So is that effectively the difference between bhp and whp? It sounds like it (about 10-15%), since the dynojet usually dyno higher than the Mustang ones.

If that is the case, then that would make me sad, since our cars are supposed to come stock with 230bhp. This was also the AA 1st gen tune too, right?
I don't think so - because you are still running the power through the drivetrain, so there will be losses compared to bolting the engine itself to an engine dyno.

It's just a different type of dyno than a dynojet. Dynapacks are load based, while Dynojets are inertia based. Dynapacks are also a lot smaller and portable, so they are much more convenient for smaller shops to acquire and work with.

And yes, this is a stage 1 AA tune. I'll upgrade to stage 2 soon