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Well the plaid wasn't working out. I wanted to start my project last Sunday @ 5:30pm so my choices for stores to go to were quite limited. So I just picked up the best thing I could find at the only store that was open.

So yesterday I hit some stores and found exactly what I was looking for, some peanut butter suede. I've wrapped a lot of different things with a lot of different materials but I must say that this is my best work. It turned out money, usually there's always a little spot that I'm not happy with but this material was awesome to work with.*

Here's the final result.

After getting the trim done I turned to my headliner. Stupid gray headliner. Why did they make it gray!

I'm just about to start the process of removing it and doing it in a black suede. I'm also going to do all of the pillars I haven't decided on black or the PB yet.

Headliner in question. It clashes pretty bad now.

This should be interesting. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

Stay tuned.* ;D