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Originally Posted by ivan-128i View Post
do you have any updates on your problem ? I have the exact same thing on my 128i 2011 after a battery disconnect....
No, other than it seems like 100% is about the same amount of acceleration at 50%, and the 100% feels like less than it used to do (but 50% feels about the same).

I've been wondering about he possibility of one of the previous owners installing one of those lame accelerator pedal remapping devices somewhere along the line. That could explain 50% being the same as 100% and also how I notice that slowly lifting the pedal when accelerating briskly results in a jerk forward (even at 50mph). I inquired about this jerking on any throttle lift in question #3 of my first post here.

I'd like to figure out *ALL* of the places to check for these devices. Remapping the throttle like this and not actually making the car any faster just seems lame to me, and may confuse the DSC functions where "rapidly" lifting from the throttle will pre-tension the brakes and cause other things to happen. This might be causing my throttle lift "jerk" problem.