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Originally Posted by Ralphie View Post
I disagree completely. His car is unique and tasteful. I love how he's thinking outside the box and isn't getting the standard m sport packages.
I just like what I like and I could give a fuck less when people say I "need" to do things to my car to make it look how "they" think it should look. It should look like what "I" think it should look like.

But opinions are like assholes everyone has them.

Anyways back on topic

Got everything pulled to wrap the headliner. It wasn't too bad, kind of fun ripping it apart actually. The one tough part was the sunroof shade. It was a bitch. Luckily I have a buddy who had removed it before so he helped me through it over the phone.

Used this DIY:


Will update once I'm finished with the pieces tonight.