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iTrader: (4) here is an update. I managed to pop the connector out and swap pin 5 to pin 6 slot. Let me tell may get aggravated and you could mess up your pin. Be careful. It took me about 1 hour to do. The other side hopefully won't take more than 15 minutes. I don't even know why I needed to do this but I know it needed to be are the tools I used. Macguyver would be proud. Plyers for pulling pin into slot 6 after you get it started. Two flat objects for pushing the connector into the housing. Shaved down pen cap for pushing retaining metal piece down for pin removal.

What you need to do (Thanks Desi4life) is take two flatheads or thin butter knives like what I had and put them into 12 and 6 o clock on the connector. So that is in between the housing and the connector. Do not be confused by the two holes in the connector, that is not what I am talking about. Basically, there are two ridges of plastic behind the connector that you need to get it over and push it into the housing. That is pretty simple. No pic provided. You can see where I put the flat heads by the marks on the connector in the last pic of this post.

Next, the wires are attached at two plastic plugs that are plugged into holes on the housing. Just push them down and they will come out. This will give you some more slack. See the brown and green wires attached to the plug that I have pulled out. The other one is close to the leveler and has a greater number of wires on it. You will feel/see it. need to snap open the little bracket that is keeping the pins from coming out. See the pic. You need to do it on the side that has the pin5. Don't worry as these may break off. You can still use it even if it breaks off. Use a flathead or a a knife to pop the cap off.

Here is where I shaved down a pen cap and used it. For those of you who have done the lci tail light pin reconfiguration, it is the same deal. There is a metal lip that is pressing against plastic where you popped that cap off. You put the pen lid in there and push the pin out slightly. It should start moving back. The metal lip will get stuck at one more point where you can use the flathead to push it back again. Be careful with the pin as it comes out and is free. The metal is really thin and bends easily. You could break it off if you bend it around too much. The second pic in this post shows the metal lip on the pin after I had taken the pin out of slot 5.

Now you can twist the connector around and try to insert the pin into the 6 slot. Be careful not to bend the pint. I tried to do it without popping the plastic cap off of the side with pin 6 as I figured it wasn't necessary. It was fussy so I just popped it off in case. I had bent the pin a little and I think this was my main problem. After a bloody knuckle and some sweaty pits I got the pin in partially. I used the pliers to grab it and pull it through until I heard the retaining lip on the pin snap in. My plastic cap had broken off but it still snaps back in place perfectly so it doesn't matter. See the finished product.

Before the connector is put back, put the two plugs back in and make sure you snap the connector in the way it was with the 1 pin where it was.

NOW....can anyone tell me what is left and what needs to be tapped in order for these babies to function....almost there....

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