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Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler View Post
Honestly my '08 328i feels that way too, but I think it's normal. No difference in 3/4 throttle vs full throttle, and when I slowly let off the pedal, it seems to continue to pull the same as it did at full throttle right up to about 1/4 throttle. I think the throttle mapping changes depending on what gear you're in.
I could handle having little difference between 75% and 100%, but having LESS power at 100% than at 75% isn't cool. I've never read concrete proof anywhere, but I also believe that the DME does different things with the engine in lower gear. I remember in my comparatively ancient 1998 E39 with old-fashioned bowden cable throttle (no mapping here) and 5MT the car was noticeably slower in 1st with ASC on than without, even if there was absolutely no wheelspin (on PS2s). I played around one night with the E90 and noticed something similar.

A thing that's really annoying me (before and after the battery removal) is that when I slowly let off the pedal, it will suddenly jerk the car forward. I usually see drive-by-wire doing what you describe - you lift the pedal and the power does not taper off. That annoys me too, but less than a sudden lurch forward as if I had lifted right off the pedal from WOT.

In my 6MT, first gear throttle is very mushy and insensitive. I think that's to help the driver have a smooth start. In the higher gears, the throttle is much more sensitive and it's those gears where I don't feel much difference from 1/2 throttle vs full.

Perhaps your car had adapted to your driving style and lost those settings when you disconnected? Just a stab in the dark...
Well, not sure. I've only had the car since May 1 and I didn't really notice it changing behaviour for me. I did get used to a certain amount of additional pull when squeezing from 50-100% but to be honest I hadn't been using that very much. I was mostly trying to get used to drive-by-wire, CDV (it's coming out as soon as I can arrange a bleeding helper) and drive smoothly. If anything I'd almost expect that it was the PO's adaptations which might have been cleared but....

I guess I'll inspect the connectors and wiring around the pedal module to see if there are any unwelcome add ons. I do really wish that the huge lurch on slow pedal release (even in 4th at 50mph+, this isn't a 1st gear thing) would stop. I'd love to find some stupid add on in there, remove it and have relative throttle bliss.