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Originally Posted by ivan-128i View Post
Well actually I have the BMS PBX(throttle remapping) installed and it was doing great job, but since I had the battery disconnected for 1day I started to notice that weird throttle response which was great before I disconected the battery... I don't understand how this problem is linked to the fact that I disconected the battery, but that's when I started to feel a different throttle response...
Any underlying adaptations in the car itself would have been lost with a 1 day disconnection, I bet. For my disconnection interval I'm not sure that it's a sure thing.

I'm cool with removing adaptations and starting to "train" the car myself instead of having learning from the PO in there, but a reduction in WOT power versus 75% is just kind of weird and didn't sound like adaptation.

The only common maintenance I haven't yet completed since taking ownership of the car is plugs and PS fluid. Parts for both are waiting to be picked up at a friend's place in the US and his trip got delayed so I'll be waiting a couple more weeks for the parts to show up. I have no other planned maintenance/service other than getting a coding cable, changing some coding and possibly reading for shadow codes and resetting all adaptations.