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Had my OEM's back in for the past month since one of my HID bulbs went out and I decided to retrofit the whole thing instead of just replacing the bulb.

Putting the fishcake 240x rings in as well as RX-R 3.0 projectors from Theretrofitsource with 50w 5k morimoto ds2 bulbs and a 50w canbus.

I opened up the depo headlights yesterday. Read about using a heatgun and thought that'd be easier to do. Turns out oven is diffinently easier as using a heatgun to get enough heat on it to actually soften up the seal without you standing there forever requires more heat than I am wanting to use. Sure you can actually do it, because people have, but I decided to fall back on the oven. Pre-heated oven to 250F, stuck a headlight in for 15 minutes. Removed lights pried on it till the sealent felt hard again and than reheated a second time in oven for 10 minutes. Second time out, it came apart easily. Seeing how the glue cools off hard, would not recommend trying to use a heatgun.