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Here is my updated - finally finished up my trim - I'm really happy with it and thought it turned out pretty well. I think I may do the steering wheel too but that will have to wait a little.

Two warnings for those getting ready to tackle this -

- Don't try to roll the vinyl, just lay the vinyl out and press the piece on top of it, I ruined a ton of vinyl learning this. Also, start with the small pieces to get familiar and then do the larger ones (the back seat armrests are a good starting point).

- The two ashtry covers come off differently, I broke my front ashtry cover so I'll have to glue it back on but the backseat cover snaps off, I did the same thing with front ashtry and it wont go back on properly - it sits okay but there is friction when trying to open and close it.

If you guys ever meet, I'm happy to swing by and help where I can if I'm free. I'm no XY03, but at least you can learn from my mistakes.

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