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Hey Guys,

I've been collecting a ton of data from the track events the past few weekends [too much, in fact] but I simply have been too busy to organize and do an updated writeup.

A rather humorous update from the first track event: The cables that I had holding up the splitter failed on the first session with speeds above 150 All of the logging and testing I had done was only up to 100-110mph, and the cables had been plenty strong for that... Once the higher speeds came, along with exponentially higher downforce, the cables simply could not hold. A pretty good problem to have!

Overall, I was able to comfortably increase speeds through high-speed corners by 3-5mph...all with significantly more confidence.

MUCH more to come!

BIR May 7th by MDM Enterprises, on Flickr

BIR May 7th by MDM Enterprises, on Flickr

Along with some fresh rubber

BIR May 7th 3 by MDM Enterprises, on Flickr

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